How Does Employee Onboarding Work With Champion Health?

Champion Health offers participants easy and convenient healthcare services with no out-of-pocket costs or copay fees. These benefits are available through a Champion Health Account that can be accessed online via computer or smartphone. Once you’ve signed up, the onboarding process for employees is simple.  Plan participants can expect the following steps to take place after […]

How Can Champion Health Resolve Workplace Misconduct?

Chronic health issues and sudden health concerns can limit an employee’s workplace satisfaction, but they are not the only issues that may have this effect. Workplace misconduct and other social issues can also damage an employee’s perspective on their position in the company and lead to the increased potential of turnover. That’s why Champion Health […]

Services And Features Of The CHAMP Plan™

Champion Health strives to provide useful benefits and features to a broad range of employers and their employees. These benefits are not a replacement for your company’s major health insurance policy, but instead, offer supplemental benefits that make healthcare easier to access for your workforce. If you aren’t sure about signing up for the CHAMP Plan™, […]

What Are The Financial Benefits The CHAMP Plan™ Offers?

As a general rule, businesses exist to produce revenue. How they go about achieving this goal varies from business to business, but the ones who are most successful tend to be those that prioritize the health and happiness of their employees. Fortunately, employers who focus on this objective can also invite tax benefits into their […]

What Can Champion Health Do And Not Do?

Champion Health is great at many things, but our company is not a jack-of-all-trades. Our CHAMP Plan™ offers a slew of valuable benefits, but the way we do so is not the same as a traditional major health insurance policy. Before you get started with a free consultation, it may help to gain a deeper understanding of […]

Why Are Employers Choosing The CHAMP Plan™? 

Employee retention is a core issue that a majority of business executives contend with. Overcoming the challenge of retaining employees is a multifaceted process that often involves offering employees gratifying work and improving the overall quality of their daily lives. Many companies leverage their benefits packages to achieve the latter objective. The CHAMP Plan™ offers […]

What Can The CHAMP Plan™ Provide Your Employees?

As an executive member of your organization, you’ve certainly been decisive about the benefits you offer your employees. Wouldn’t you want to offer them more if you could do so affordably?  Well, the CHAMP Plan™ provides your employees with incredibly valuable utility at a reasonably affordable cost. These plans do not compete with your current […]

What Does Champion Health Offer?

If your goal is to develop a healthy and happy workforce, signing up for a Champion Health insurance plan is one of the best ways to do it! Our team knows that medicine is not the only solution that leads to great health, and we prioritize an array of solutions that help bring personalized and […]