How Can Champion Health Protect Your Organization?

As a leader in your organization, part of your role is to ensure the ongoing success of the business. This is a multifaceted effort that may not be completely your responsibility. Though, that doesn’t make your role any less important. If you are in a position to sign your organization up for Champion Health’s CHAMP Plan™, doing so could make your obligation far easier to manage in the future. 

Our program provides various benefits that provide value to both employers and their employees. If you need help keeping the well-being of your organization intact, here are the types of support you can expect from our Work Shield solution. 

Reporting and Investigation

If there is an internal incident in your organization, our application can be used to report and investigate the details of that incident. As the situation progresses, we can also present reasonable solutions that can be leveraged during mediation. All parties are automatically informed of any pertinent information throughout the process, ensuring that everyone has the information they need to resolve the conflict as effectively as possible. 

Incident Management Hub

Workplace incidents can become difficult to manage as they grow in number and scale. With our employer incident management hub, you can keep track of all incidents as they occur in a sleek, easy to navigate dashboard. This makes managing incidents and related investigations or resolutions easier than ever. 

Why Invest in Work Shield?

Our Work Shield Clients report that their organizations have saved significant amounts of money in legal fees and penalties associated with settlements. They also save valuable time, as Work Shield makes investigating and resolving workplace misconduct issues a quick and streamlined process. The results speak for themselves, so be proactive in your business and sign up for the Champion Health Work Shield today!