How Can Champion Health Resolve Workplace Misconduct?

Chronic health issues and sudden health concerns can limit an employee’s workplace satisfaction, but they are not the only issues that may have this effect. Workplace misconduct and other social issues can also damage an employee’s perspective on their position in the company and lead to the increased potential of turnover. That’s why Champion Health offers a unique misconduct solution within its CHAMP Plan™ program. 

To learn how the CHAMP Plan™ can help your organization mitigate the risk involved with workplace misconduct, continue reading. 

How Does Workplace Misconduct Impact Businesses?

Managing and responding to workplace misconduct will inevitably divert valuable time and resources away from the objectives that generate revenue for your business. Still, leaving workplace misconduct to fester will have an even greater negative impact on the overall health of your organization. Some side effects of workplace misconduct include dramatically reduced productivity, damaged workplace culture, and decreased employee morale. 

What Can Champion Health Do About Workplace Misconduct?

Your management team is the primary contributor to the elimination of workplace misconduct, but the CHAMP Plan™ will equip them with useful tools that make the process much simpler. Through our workplace misconduct solution, you can achieve the following outcomes faster and more effectively:

  • Disrupt toxic behavior
  • Strengthen culture
  • Reduce risk
  • Track and resolve harassment & discrimination
  • 6x faster resolutions
  • Support DEI initiatives
  • Increase transparency
  • Lower legal fees
  • Streamline incident management

What Tools Are Available?

CHAMP offers an array of tools that can be used to manage workplace misconduct, including: 

  • Safe reporting systems
  • Investigation resources
  • Resolution recommendations
  • Data and analytics insights  

To get more specific detail about each of these systems, get in touch with a Champion Health representative.