How Can Employers Encourage Employees to Stay on Top of Their Health?

Employers should care about the health of their employees. If their employees suffer serious lapses in health, the productivity of their companies will fall. Although few employers currently do so, actively improving employees’ health is the best way to ensure your company can manage long-term success. 

How to Encourage Better Employee Health

As an employer, you cannot force your employees to seek healthcare or make healthy decisions. Though, you can incentivize these activities. Many companies offer healthy living incentives ranging from rewarding employees for weight loss to providing free health-related gifts or perks. 

You can also get involved in your employee’s health by investing in valuable healthcare benefits. Most large companies have employer-sponsored group health coverage, but that isn’t the full extent of benefits you can offer. With self-funded options like the CHAMP Plan™, you can provide supplemental coverage that dramatically improves employee access to essential health services. 

Does The CHAMP Plan™ Improve Employee Health?

Through the CHAMP Plan™, employers can offer their employees a suite of virtual care benefits. These benefits include direct primary care visits, limited prescription drug coverage, and more. 

Employers who use the CHAMP Plan™ also gain access to the dashboard view of their company’s health profile. Although this dashboard doesn’t provide specific insights into the health of individuals, it does give a general overview of how healthy your workforce is. This data can be leveraged to implement targeted health campaigns within your organization. 

Learn More About Your Employees’ Health With CHAMP

Due to confidentiality and privacy laws, employees are not allowed to pry into the health status of their employees. With the CHAMP Plan™, there is no need to even try. Our platform provides a broad overview of how your employees are doing so you can get a general idea of their health status. 

No specifics are shared, so there is no need to worry about breaking the law. Using the additional information, you will have a better opportunity to help your employees improve their health.