What Can Champion Health Do And Not Do?

Champion Health is great at many things, but our company is not a jack-of-all-trades. Our CHAMP Plan™ offers a slew of valuable benefits, but the way we do so is not the same as a traditional major health insurance policy. Before you get started with a free consultation, it may help to gain a deeper understanding of what Champion Health will and won’t do once you sign up for our program. 

Who We Are

Champion Health sees itself as the “doctor friend” that many members of the workforce always wish they had in their lives. Our team provides direct primary care through a highly conscious, concierge approach. We care about the health of you and your employees and will work patiently to learn about any current health concerns, illnesses, or chronic health conditions. 

We will work with your primary care provider to understand your health at the deepest possible level. If necessary, we will even act as your primary care provider. You can also trust us to explain what your medications do and how you can safely and effectively use them. After every interaction, we’ll leave you thinking, “wow, I’ve never had a friend like this before.” 

What We Do

The services we offer are not overwhelming by any means. Through our program, you and your employees receive the following forms of assistance:

  • Virtual primary care appointments
  • Virtual urgent care appointments
  • Treatment for illnesses  
  • Prescriptions for medications
  • Imaging, lab tests, therapy orders
  • Assistance in finding the lowest cost care
  • 24/7 access to care
  • Help understanding medical bills or EOBs

What We Don’t Do

People join the CHAMP Plan™ for a specific reason: they want their employees to have expanded access to health benefits without incurring increased costs or inconvenience. Fortunately, that is exactly what Champion Health brings to the table. We will never:

  • Bill your insurance
  • Charge you fees for service
  • Spam your email
  • Make you wait in a waiting room