What Can The CHAMP Plan™ Provide Your Employees?

As an executive member of your organization, you’ve certainly been decisive about the benefits you offer your employees. Wouldn’t you want to offer them more if you could do so affordably? 

Well, the CHAMP Plan™ provides your employees with incredibly valuable utility at a reasonably affordable cost. These plans do not compete with your current health insurance policy and offer significant annual savings, rather than increased costs. 

To learn how the CHAMP Plan™ can benefit your employees, read on. 

What is the CHAMP Plan™?

The CHAMP Plan™ is a truly unique program that focuses on the physical and financial well-being of your workforce. This healthcare solution is designed to supplement your primary health insurance policy by providing additional benefits at a minimal net cost. Your employees are not required to pay copays, deductibles, or coinsurance. 

Each year the CHAMP Plan™ is in effect, your company should see a net savings for every employee. Additionally, your employees will receive extra benefits and a noticeable increase in their net take-home pay. With this in mind, the CHAMP Plan™ stands to be a great asset for your business and its employees! 

Benefits For Employees

If you are curious about how the CHAMP Plan™ can help your employees, these are some of the benefits that our plan members enjoy:

  • Primary Care Office Visits
    • $0 Deductible
    • $0 Copay
  • Urgent Care Office Visits
    • $0 Deductible
    • $0 Copay
  • Unlimited Prescriptions Included on Drug Formulary
    • $0 Copay
  • 100% Preventative Care Services
    • $0 Deductible
    • $0 Copay
  • Virtual Direct Primary Care
    • Access to Physicians 24/7/365
  • Personal Health Assistants
    • Completely Confidential Consultations
  • Personal Health Dashboard
  • Personal Health Improvement Plan

Why Sign up for the CHAMP Plan™?

The CHAMP Plan™ is a win-win opportunity for employers and employees. Not only does it offer your employees valuable peace of mind, but it also gives you a unique opportunity to boost retention, engagement, and productivity in your organization. Nothing disrupts a business as much as burnout and turnover, so trust Champion Health to help you minimize these adverse outcomes.