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By utilizing cutting-edge technology, the CHAMP Plan™ leverages the benefits of telehealth and provides your company’s employees with comprehensive healthcare services. Through an innovative AI-powered healthcare smartphone application, employees can access a range of healthcare services, from preventative care to therapeutic treatments, all offered through the CHAMP Plan™.
With the CHAMP Plan™, employees can not only increase their take-home pay for healthcare coverage, but companies can also save thousands of dollars in FICA taxes. This ERISA-verified healthcare program ensures that it is suitable for use by any organization. The CHAMP Plan™ complements the primary health insurance offered by organizations and does not compete with or replace it in any way. By providing a comprehensive healthcare solution that takes care of employees’ physical and financial well-being, the CHAMP Plan™ helps organizations maximize employee retention.

Get a Personal Health Manager as an Exclusive Benefit

With the Health Wallet app, you’ll have access to an exclusive benefit – the Personal Health Manager. This program is designed to help employees achieve a better quality of life by providing proactive healthcare services and improving their behavior towards healthcare in exciting and engaging ways through their smartphones. The Personal Health Manager helps identify and prevent potential health risks, raises awareness about an individual’s current state of mind, and highlights the associated risks with certain behavior patterns. By doing so, it has an overall positive effect on employees’ health and creates convenience for them, making healthcare an easy and convenient process for everyone associated with the organization.

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The first ever comprehensive benefits specifically for the self-employed, gig worker, and independent professional.

GigWorker Solutions stands as an industry pioneer, as we’ve constructed the first Professional Employer Organization (PEO) built on a foundation of technology. By utilizing the PEO model, we are able to create a dual employment relationship where gig-workers can maintain their independence while also gaining the advantages of being a part of a large employee group. This makes GigWorker Solutions the only place for the self-employed to access group rate benefits.

Due to our emphasis on technology and innovation, we are able to provide all the essentials for the standard $175 monthly fee, and also provide access to additional benefits at rates comparable to what employees receive at larger corporations.

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